8 Benefits of Passing Microsoft 70-741 Exam That Will Make You a Winner 


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In any successful company, a network administrator is an essential position because each organization needs a person to handle its networks, install and upgrade software and easily start a computer. In this profession, you must be critical and analytical, innovative, multi-skilled and an efficient problem solver to succeed Passleader

The most appropriate way to acquire such skills while becoming an expert is through getting a certification. Microsoft, one of the leading IT suppliers, offers a wide range of solutions for all needs. 

The certifications it offers can be divided into three levels: basic, combined and competent. Through getting credentials, Microsoft strives to help professionals gain skills and introduce modern solutions to problems that occur in their professional areas. 

For those who are about to become network administrators, the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification is for you. To obtain this credential, you must pass three exams – 70-740, 70-741, 70-742. This article explores the professional benefits of passing the Microsoft 70-741 exam. 

Skills Assessed by 70-741 Exam

The Microsoft 70-741 exam, known as Networking with Windows Server 2016, tests the ability to perform tasks based on the networking capabilities and functionality of Windows Server 2016. For this test to pass, it is necessary to prove that you have mastered the following skills:

  • Implementing the Domain Name System (DNS) 
  • Implementation of IPAM and DHCP
  • Configure network connections and remote access solutions 
  • Implementation of central and distributed network solutions
  • Implementation of an advanced network architecture

The exam will contain from 40 to 60 questions of various types, such as active screen, case studies, drag and drop, hot area, build list, multiple choice, among many. The thing is that you never know the exam number of questions and question types prior to the exam. 70-741 exam will cost you $165 and can be registered at Microsoft website. 

In this article, we’ll focus on the key benefits of passing the Microsoft 70-741 exam as a part of the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification that will certainly assist you in building a successful career in IT.

  1. Official certificate of competence:

Upon successful passing of all three certification exams, you gain an official confirmation from Microsoft. Being a leader on the IT market, Microsoft is a real brand as it is recognized globally. Having the MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential on your CV list distinguishes yourself from other candidates, increases your value as well as the chances of getting the position you apply for and better salary. It is known that most companies hire candidates certified by Microsoft. 

  1. Evidence that you want to learn:

After taking the course and completing 70-741 exam you show your dedication to the chosen path, as after that you need to pass one more exam 70-742. It also shows that you are an ambitious and hard-working person who is able to set the goals and achieve them. Getting new skills means that the company you are working in or are going to work in will face new and exciting challenges in the future. So, getting the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification is even mutually beneficial.

  1. Add confidence

By pocketing the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification, your confidence will be lifted. You become confident in your own abilities in working and completing the tasks that deal with Windows Server 2016 quickly and efficiently. Don’t underestimate this factor because it can determine your future. 

  1. Increase the profitability of investments:

From a financial point of view, there is a significant investment for passing 70-741 exam in order to achieve a more effective, more qualified and competent training. 

These investments are more profitable because they shorten the time that a technician needs to get the job done, i.e. get more work done in less time, reducing the downtime a company needs to repair a system or other problem, thereby increasing productivity.

  1. Boost your own value:

After receiving the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification, the professional becomes more worthy for the company he/she is working in. It has been estimated that a certified employee is on average 30% more valuable to the company than a non-certified employee, which is reflected in the compensation package, acquisitions, and other benefits.

  1. Professional advantage:

Being an MCSA Windows Server 2016 certified specialists will certainly help you to gain a professional advantage over other candidates and thus increase your chances of finding a job as a computer network specialist or a network systems administrator.

  1. Higher Salary and Further Career Growth

Passing 70-741 exam is the second step on your way to getting the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification. Still, it’s essential as it’s your contribution to your prosperous future. Thus, being a network systems administrator or computer network specialist, your average annual salary can be about $60,358. Still, it’s just the begging, as this credential paves your way to earning the MCSE Core Infrastructure credential. This one will help you get the position of an administrator, information security analyst, or architect. Such professionals earn annually about $71,067 according to Payscale website. 

  1. Opportunity to work worldwide

Since Microsoft is a reputable company known all over the world, the certifications it issues are recognized globally. That means, that being a holder of the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification you can easily work abroad as this credential is accepted worldwide.

So, it turns out that the benefits of competency certification are numerous. Bagging a certificate of expertise will be a valuable provision for you to look to the future. You are able to grow while gaining professional recognition.

In fact, lately, along with the development of digital technology, many expertise certifications are opened online. However, remember to always look for credibility.


To sum up, if you wish to get a position as a network systems administrator or a computer network specialist, 70-741 exam is what you will need to pass. In this case, you’ll get a higher salary, better career prospects, value and other numerous benefits that the exam itself and the MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential bring with them. Remember that 70-741 test is a great approach if you want to achieve more over your long time span. To prepare well, we can recommend you to browse PrepAway website.