Benefits of Using Practice Tests in Your Preparation Process forMicrosoft DP-200 Exam


Data is one of the most important aspects of any organization. In most cases, a company builds its systems, makes decisions, formulates policies, and develops strategies based on data. Therefore, there is a need to adopt a good data solution such as Microsoft Azure which is the world’s second popularly used Cloud data storages solution after Amazon’s AWS. 

In addition, Microsoft is known for its highly-valued IT certifications and exams.

They are issued to equip candidates with the most relevant skills to work with its products, technologies, and services.

In this article, you’ll know all you need about its Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate badge and Microsoft Practice Questions exam that leads to getting it. To be more precise, you’ll have a look at what this test requires, what it leads to and how to adequately get prepared for it.

Microsoft DP-200 official exam details

Exam Microsoft DP-200 focuses on assessing your ability to manage and develop data processing, implement data storage solutions as well as monitoring and optimizing data solutions. It is meant for Microsoft Azure data engineers who frequently work with business enterprises and business stakeholders to identify data needs and implement Azure data solutions such as: 

    • Provisioning of data storage services;
    • Transforming data;
    • Ingesting streaming and batch data;
    • Implementing data retention policies;
    • Implementing security solutions;
    • Identifying limitations to performance;
  • Accessing external data.

The Microsoft DP-200 exam is one of the two exams which lead to the associate level certification for Azure Data Engineer. The credential refers to new badges that are centered mostly on skills required to get a definite job position. 

The other exam is the Microsoft DP-201 that focuses on designing an Azure Data Solution. 

In addition, the Microsoft DP-200 exam consists of 40-60 multiple-choice questions needed to be done within 150 minutes. To apply for this test, you also should pay a registration fee of $165.

5 Reasons to Use Practice Tests in Your Exam Preparation

Before starting your prep process, the best way for you is to check the vendor’s official website. There you’ll find a variety of preparation materials, either the information for online self-study or offline training with the instructor. Still, to increase your chances of passing the test, opt for using practice tests. For that visit reliable web resources such as ExamSnap. There you can download free vce files with questions and answers added by recent test-takers or buy a Premium file proved by IT professionals for $29,99. Next, see some advantages of using practice tests. They are the following:

  • Help you focus on weak points

After taking a lot of time preparing for the exam, you always feel ready. That is why it is crucial to test yourself with a practice test to notice that there are topics you grasped correctly and exhaustively and there are the ones you still have a problem with. Thus, you will tend to focus more on them and eventually, will increase your chances of passing the actual exam.

  • Improve Your Content Retention

Although you have prepared thoroughly, there is always a tendency of forgetting some particular important details. Practice tests for the Microsoft DP-200 exam at ExamSnap cover all the topics of your exam. How you score each question illustrates the content of the information you read and retained. Anytime you forget an answer, you could remember how you answered the question in your practice, which could help a lot with your performance. 

  • Helps deal with exam fright and anxiety

Often, you will feel anxious or scared any time you are about to face an exam. If it is a regular feeling for you, then practice the questions and answers for DP-200 test as many times as possible using free files and a premium one. This will help you get rid of your anxiety. So, all you need to do is to keep practicing. 

Practicing these tests in the VCE Software that simulates the real exam environment will make you even more prepared for the actual Microsoft assessment. Thus, with a reasonable amount of confidence, you should be able to handle the exam with ample control of the situation.

  • Develops your answering precision

You might know the answer to the exam question but what if you are not good at framing your responses? This setback can hold you from acing your Microsoft DP-200 exam. Preparing using practice tests notonly helps you remember the answers clearly, but also learn to restructure them in the most suitable form. 

  • Create your exam tackling strategy

Exam situations, just like any other life situations, require proper planning. Since the exam includes different types of exam questions, by using exam dumps, you’ll find a strategy to tackle them all efficiently. Taking many ExamSnap’s practice tests gives you a clear picture of what an exam might look like. You get to understand the structure of the exam, the question types, and by completing the test again and again you’ll find a way that will earn you more points. Thus, for instance, your strategy can be starting with certain sections of your exam or spending more time on some questions than others.

Career Prospects

Needless to say that getting any certifications is not only beneficial for your competencies but also a way to new job opportunities. Being Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate you can obtain a position such as:

  • Azure Data Engineer;
  • Data Administrator;
  • Data Manager, etc.

Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate professionals earn a basic salary that ranges from $63,000 to $147,000 per year according to


At this point, you know about Microsoft DP-200 and its badge Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate. You also know its preparation options and the reasons of how practice tests can help you ace this DP-200 exam. So, check the ExamSnap website to nail the test on your first trial.